Legal and consultancy

Below is a look at some of the issues we have encountered when working with clients in the legal and consultancy sectors, and some examples of how we have helped to address these issues.

Attracting (and retaining) the highest-quality employees

Professional services firms can only deliver leading services if they attract and retain the best people. The value of human capital is of course especially important in these sectors. In particular, companies need to recruit and retain the best revenue generators possible. The benefits element of remuneration packages plays an important role. For high-earners in particular, the benefits can make up a considerable proportion of their package – in some cases as much as 25% of the total package.

So more companies are looking at Flexible Benefits schemes. These schemes give employees the chance to shape their benefits to fit their lifestyle. In doing so, employees receive a much more attractive reward package. The barrier in the past has been the heavy administration costs of these schemes, but our Flexible Benefits solution has removed the administration barrier. It also enables you to provide employees with accurate total reward statements to demonstrate the real value of their reward package.

Employees will also expect high service standards from HR. High-earners value excellent internal service standards from their employer. Through Northgate HR’s consultancy service, we can help our clients develop best practice recruitment, HR administration and payroll processes. Best practice is also a feature of our outsourcing services, our software and our consultancy practice.

Enabling flexible working

Flexible working is becoming increasingly common – and is being demanded by employees. Surveys are showing that people expect the ability to work from home and even use it as a criteria when deciding whether to take a new job. The demands this places on HR are considerable as services now need to be delivered in more imaginative ways.

In the consultancy sector in particular, employees often move between locations as new projects begin. The challenge of providing effective and efficient HR and Payroll services is greater when employees move between locations. Data needs to be held at a central location so that employees and their managers can access it easily, no matter where they are. One of Northgate HR’s solutions is to web-enable systems so that users see the same functions regardless of what desktop they use to gain access. This also means that managers can access information about team members who are spread across locations.

Self-Service is the tool that allows the flexible delivery of HR services. With Self-Service, employees can perform more of the tasks that HR used to. They can make changes to their personnel files, keep their own time and attendance records, complete expenses claims online and so on. Our Self-Service systems reduce the dependency on HR and enable employees to access HR services no matter where they work. Self-Service increases efficiency in HR and reduces error rates by empowering employees to update their records.

The drive for improved earning ratios

There is increasing pressure to control costs in all business functions. Controlling the cost of the HR and Payroll administration is one area where capital can be released for more beneficial investment. We help our clients to achieve savings though process improvement, by making better use of technology and by leveraging our economies of scale as an outsourcing service provider.

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